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Innovative Naval Architecture

Sustainable designs and integration of innovative solutions towards a greener, sustainable maritime industry are at the heart of our services.

We provide solutions for new designs as well as extensive insights into the modification of existing maritime assets with a strong focus on decarbonising our client’s ongoing and future operations.

Powering the Future with Renewable Energy

We support our clients in accelerating the use of offshore renewable energy and in the development, design, construction, and maintenance of offshore renewable energy projects. Our solutions employ innovative approaches, technologies and have sustainable cost reductions at their core to enable a greener energy infrastructure reduced cost.

Green Marine Engineering

Through innovative design and cutting-edge technology, we strive to create vessels that are not only more sustainable but also safer for crew and passengers alike.


Our Areas of Expertise.

Naval architecture

Offshore engineering

Concept design

Offshore vessel supply

Technical office support

Research & Development



The project aims to determine the feasibility of installing a hydrogen-based propulsion and power system on the O.S. Energy GmbH vessel Søløven and develop a numerical tool that allows modelling of the vessels operation.

TransShip II

RV Prince Madog Hydrogen Retrofit (CMDC3)

This project aims to realise the largest retrofit to date for a hybrid, hydrogen-based propulsion system on a seagoing vessel, the RV Prince Madog, an industry leading research and survey vessel involved in ground-breaking maritime sciences and teaching of next generation scientist.

Project Zero

Zero Emission Research and offshore service vessel. (CMDC2)

Project ZERO is an initiative to develop a zero-emission research and offshore service vessel for the maritime industry. The project is a collaboration between several leading companies and research institutions, with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime sector. 

Zero Emission Tri Foiler (CMDC3)

The vision for the project is to build a 12m demonstrator TriFoiler to prove that the concept is viable and can operate in a range of weather and sea conditions. The battery technology and control of the foils will also be demonstrated to check for fit for purpose operation as a fast ferry on the intended waterway.


In collaboration with R3-energise and Chartwell Marine we are investigating the feasibility of re-energising an existing CTV to full electric propulsion, thus delivering zero emission crew transfer services to a UK offshore wind Farm.

Maritime Hydrogen Highway


The Maritime Hydrogen Highway project is a ground-breaking two-year, £2.1 million development programme, looking at the scope to establish a national hydrogen highway network, integrating land, sea and port.

Vessels We Have Provided Work To

Vessel Positions

Our Network.
Partner company

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O.S. Energy is a highly specialized offshore service provider with over 15 years of experience in the offshore wind industry and survey projects. The company has a proven track record of delivering a wide range of services, and has evolved from a single-source survey operation to an offshore service provider with a large service portfolio and a fleet of 12 specialized multipurpose vessels.

The company is dedicated to providing customized service solutions for each client and project and is constantly expanding its services and developing new co-operations to widen its network. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, O.S. Energy is focused on promoting a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Partner company

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FOGA APS is a Danish company that provides engineering, design, and manufacturing services for offshore wind and marine industries. The company specializes in developing equipment and solutions for offshore wind turbine foundations, including suction buckets and mono buckets. FOGA APS also provides engineering services for the design and installation of offshore wind turbines and related infrastructure. The company is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that contribute to the growth and success of the offshore wind industry. FOGA APS has a global presence, with projects completed in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Partner company

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Cybermarine is a company that specializes in providing engineering and design solutions for offshore projects, including offshore wind and oil and gas exploration. The company offers a range of services related to marine engineering, naval architecture, and offshore design, and has a global presence with completed projects across the world. Cybermarine is committed to providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each client and project, and is dedicated to innovation and sustainability in the marine and offshore industries. Overall, the website provides comprehensive information about Cybermarine's expertise, experience, and focus on delivering high-quality engineering and design solutions.

Partner company

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Cedar Marine is a UK-based company that provides marine and engineering services for the offshore, renewable, and maritime industries. The company's website showcases its range of services, including vessel management, crewing, consultancy, and project management. Cedar Marine also offers marine surveying, engineering, and design services, with a focus on providing customized solutions for each client's specific needs. The website provides information about the company's experience and expertise, as well as its commitment to safety, quality, and environmental responsibility. Cedar Marine has completed projects in the UK, Europe, and Africa and is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Overall, the website provides a comprehensive overview of Cedar Marine's services and focus on delivering high-quality marine and engineering solutions for its clients.

Our Client Stories.
Vessel Retrofit
Design and Approval of Crew Transfer Equipment
“Newcastle Marine Services has been excellent in reviewing our requirements and designing a customised solutions for our vessels. The entire process from sketching ideas to approval by our classification societies was seamless and added tremendous value to our vessel.”

Jonas Stendorf, Technical Director, O.S. Energy GMBH

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