Naval Architecture

For Innovative concept designs, feasibility studies or consultation on improving the performance of your existing ships.

Offshore Renewable Energy
Supporting ship owners, operators and energy companies in engineering greener and more sustainable solutions.
Green Marine Engineering
Providing services for owners, operators and consultants engaged within the offshore renewable energy sector.


Complete Maritime Engineering Solutions from a Single Source

We offer a wide range of specialised services in the naval architecture, renewable energy, and marine engineering sectors. Our team of experts has extensive experience in design, analysis, and construction, and we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Our naval architecture services cover everything from construction and engineering to ship repair and conversion from conventional projects to zero emission maritime operation.

Additionally, our renewable energy services are tailored to help you achieve your sustainability goals, with a range of solutions that include wind farm inspection and maintenance, as well as the engineering design of wind turbine platforms, foundations and support structures including floating wind turbines.

Finally, our marine engineering services provide customised solutions for vessels and offshore structures, from design and analysis to installation. We are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our work and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Naval Architecture

Engineering and Consultancy
Our naval architecture services cover everything from construction and engineering to ship repair and conversion. Our team of experts has extensive experience in design and analysis, as well as structural and hydrodynamic engineering.

We have an extensive track record in turning our clients’ ideas into research and development projects involving significant amount of government funding and creating leading consortia for the development of cutting-edge engineering projects.

Naval Architecture
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulations

• Hydrodynamics Analysis
• Evaluation of Concept Design
• Aerodynamics Simulation
• Multiphase (Combined Hydro- and Aerodynamics) CFD Analysis
• Simulations of Various Operating Environments and Conditions

*The CFD result was produced for demonstration purposes only.

Naval Architecture
• Concept Development
• Feasibility Studies
• 2D and 3D Drawing support
• Stability and Strength Assessments
• Inclining Experiments and Lightship surveys
• Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic optimisations
Naval Architecture
Ship Repair & Conversion
• Ship Retrofits and Modifications
• Specialist Equipment Design
• Damage Analysis and Repair
• Class and Flag State Liason
• Yard Supervision on Owners Behalf
• Survey and Reporting

Renewable Energy

Supporting the increasing installation, maintenance and reporting needs connected to offshore renewable energy applications.

Renewable Energy

Engineering Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

We are committed to engineering sustainable solutions for a greener future, and our renewable energy services reflect this. From wind farm inspection and maintenance to the design of current wind turbines and floating wind turbines, we have the expertise to help you achieve your renewable energy goals.

Renewable Energy
Wind Farm Inspection & Maintenance

• Dedicated Offshore Vessel Supply
• Engineering Modelling
• Offshore Support
• Data Collection and Analysis
• Survey Equipment Retrofit Engineering

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Consultancy

• Energy Resource and Infrastructure Studies
• Carbon Management and Reporting
• Carbon Reduction Action Plan
• Feasibility Studies and Project Evaluation

Renewable Energy
Concept Designs

• Concept Development for Wind Turbines
• Floating Energy Platforms
• Subsea Tidal Stream Generation

Marine Engineering

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Marine Engineering

Solutions for Vessels and Offshore Structures

Our marine engineering services cover a range of solutions for vessels and offshore structures, including design, analysis, and construction. Our team can collect vital operational data, provide insights into potential alternative drive train designs and formulate strategies to integrate emerging technologies into our clients’ sustainability targets.

*The CFD result was produced for demonstration purposes only.

Marine Engineering
Green Marine Engineering

Our team can provide insights and engineering of alternative fuel storage, integration and assessment of a vessels suitability for various fuel types. We can review and provide recommendations of short-term and long-term projects aiming at efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas reductions.

To ensure safe operations, we employ computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate various accident scenarios such as hydrogen dispersion in both enclosed and outdoor environments. Furthermore, we possess other capabilities such as designing ventilation systems for indoor leakage, conducting hydrogen pipeline simulations for the refuelling process, and more.

Marine Engineering
3D Scanning
Our team can gather, analyse, and prepare detailed 3D reconstructions of complex spaces using state-of-the art 3D scanning for your repair, retrofit and modification projects. We offer data collection and preparation at attractive.
Marine Engineering
Vessel Performance Monitoring
We support efforts of decarbonising ship operation by obtaining detailed operational profiles of operations through a mix of hardware and software applications. We can use our state-of-the-art software codes to analyse data and propose the best route for decarbonisation considering a wide range of alternatives and modifications to the drive train.

Advanced Ship Loading Software

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