Advanced Ship Loading Software for Efficient Planning and Operations

On-board Determination of Ship Stability and Strength

CyberMaster™3D is a simple yet powerful solution for all day-to-day planning activities. Advanced computation capabilities continuously provide the correct information to onboard personnel, with data presented in an advanced 3D GUI environment.

CyberMaster™3D Types

Gas Carrier
General Cargo
Jack Up Demo
Supply Vessel

CyberMaster™3D Modules

Ship-2-Shore Access

With third-party remote access via the cloud perform emergency response and upload pre-defined conditions.

Lifting Operations
Analyse stability during crane/A-frame operations (lift, reverse, move) to produce load chart.
Deck Cargo
Performs checks for maximum capacity, clashes and interface and aft overhang.
Live Tank Sounding

Accurate tank soundings give real-time tank conditions to update loading conditions, stability & strength assessments.

Enhanced Report

Quick generation of various reports, such as bunkering, consumables and cargo. Enables periodic review of vessel performance through
analysis of vessel statistics. Lifting Operations Analyse stability during all crane and A-frame operations (lift, reverse, move) and produce load chart warnings.

Fleet Controller
Connect multiple vessel to operational centre via
cloud services. Compare performance of all vessels across the fleet.
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CyberMaster™3D Document Downloads

CyberMaster Gas Carrier.pdf

CyberMaster General Cargo. pdf

CyberMaster Jackup.pdf

CyberMaster Ro-Ro.pdf

CyberMaster Supply Vessel.pdf

CyberMaster Tanker.pdf

Gas Carrier.pdf

General Cargo.pdf

Jack up Demo.pdf


Supply Vessel.pdf


Naval Architecture

For Innovative concept designs, feasibility studies or consultation on improving the performance of your existing ships.

Offshore Renewable Energy
Supporting ship owners, operators and energy companies in engineering greener and more sustainable solutions.
Green Marine Engineering
Providing services for owners, operators and consultants engaged within the offshore renewable energy sector.
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